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The overwhelming response of the 1st World Congress on Drug Discovery and Development - 2017 in Kolkata, India has inspired us to recreate the majestic experience of networking, tech transfer and knowledge sharing. The conference created a platform for more than 1000 participants from across the globe to discuss, deliberate and accelerate the innovation spectrum. The conference hosted more than 100 Keynote Speakers and more than 150 oral and poster presentations.

Raytheon Healthcare is pleased to invites participants from all over the world to attend "2nd World Congress on Drug Discovery and Development - 2018" during September 25th - 26th, 2018 at Bangalore, India which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

The 2nd World Congress on Drug Discovery and Development - 2018 maximizes the opportunity to interact with and learn from your peers from across the country and across the globe it held with the discussions of Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Translational Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Enabling Technologies, Structural Biology, Drug Delivery & Targeting, Antiinfectives, Biologics, CNS Drug Discovery & Therapy, Diabetes and Obesity Drug Discovery & Therapy, Women's Health Drug Discovery & Therapy, Drug Discovery in Preclinical Research, Cardiovascular Drug Discovery & Therapy, Oncology, Process Chemistry and Drug Manufacturing, Pulmonary Drug Discovery & Therapy, Recent Advances in Patient Treatment and Care, Inflammation and Immunology, Innovative Drug Discovery and Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, Pharmacogenomics, Protein and Peptide Sciences, Drug Metabolism, Hot Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, Medical Imaging, Hot Topics in HIV Research, In-silico Drug Design and in-silico screening, Combinatorial Chemistry, High-throughput Screening & Laboratory automation, Hot Topics in Drug Targets, Hot Topics in Natural Products, Stereoselective Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds, Recent Advances in Spectroscopy, Academic CRO/Industrial collaborations in drug discovery.

The scientific program will feature live workshops, interactive education sessions, B2B meetings, round-table discussions apart from the conventional plenary sessions, featured symposia, break out sessions and oral presentation sessions for abstracts and challenging cases.In addition, 2nd World Congress on Drug Discovery and Development - 2018 will feature live cases and interventional courses in an interactive format throughout the conference. Our endeavor is to provide a stimulating and thought provoking scientific program. We sincerely hope that the blend of pleasant weather, warm hospitality and revitalizing social evenings will make the scientific environment richer.

We look forward to the honor of welcoming you in Bangalore.

With Warm Regards

Partha J. Das

Convenor, Organizing Committee

CEO and Co-Founder, Raytheon Healthcare

With Warm Regards

Aruna Das

Convenor, Organizing Committee

CEO and Co-Founder, Raytheon Healthcare

II Drug Discovery Summit- 2018



On behalf of the organizing committee, it is a great privilege to extend my invitation to all of you to the 2nd World Cancer Congress-2018 to be held on 25th and 26th of September 2018 at Bangalore. The theme for this year’s conference is “Cancer in a New Way: Innovation, Prevention, Diagnosis and Cure”. The meeting has been conceptualized as an international health care summit that will bring under a common umbrella, two major topics: cancer, and drug development and discovery. The meeting will provide a unique platform for scientists across geographies to share their insights on emerging challenges in cancer therapy, management, and novel therapeutic approaches. In a rapidly changing clinical landscape, cancer emerges as a phenotypically diverse and heterogeneous ailment, where tumor microenvironment mimicking global ecosystem limits the success of existing treatment paradigms. On one hand, drug discovery and development in an era of personalized medicine is affected owing to lack of proper preclinical de-risking tools. Further compounding this diminishing return, there is a shortage of effective therapeutics with low toxicities and affordable prices, which together hinder the rationalization of therapy combinations in the personalized settings. I believe that the upcoming summit will address these issues and help us to bridge the gap between different stakeholders while enabling to work towards a consensus statement.

We are particularly expecting active participation of young investigators and research students, besides established academic, industry and business leaders, for making the conference a truly stimulating event.

The scientific program this year is intended to cover a spectrum of topics such as cancer awareness, social and economic challenges, complementary medicines, tumor microenvironment, biomarkers, preclinical disease models, emerging treatment paradigms like immunotherapy, precision therapy, and challenges pertaining to drug discovery, development, and transitional research.

The two-day long conference has been scheduled to have sessions covering key note address, plenary lectures, invited and oral presentations. This year the organizer has introduced two awards: Renato Dulbecco Memorial Award and Ashima Chatterjee Memorial Award that will be conferred to the best senior and young scientists of the conference, respectively.

Bangalore, known as a leading knowledge hub with pleasant climate, is a perfect place to meet and discuss innovation, challenges and opportunities to promote science.

I am looking forward to your valued participation and knowledge sharing in this conference.

With Warm Regards

Dr. Biswanath Majumder


Mitra Biotech, Bangalore

2nd World Congress on Drug Discovery and Development- 2018 | Bangalore

II World Congress on Drug Discovery and Development - 2018
  • Third largest pharmaceuticals market by 2020 in terms of incremental growth.
  • 20% of global exports in generics, making it the largest provider of generic medicines globally.
  • USD 45 Billion in revenue by 2020, revenue of USD 55 billion by 2020 as base case, and can grow to USD 70 billion in a aggressive case scenario.
  • USD 26.1 Billion in generics by 2016.
  • USD 200 Billion to be spent on infrastructure by 2024.
  • India's filing of Drug Master Files's (DMF's) with USFDA as of Dec 2013 is 3411, the highest filed by any country in the world.
  • Total exports of Drugs, Pharmaceuticals for 2013-14 at USD 15,095 million, recording a growth rate 2.5% over the corresponding period of previous years.
  • The country’s pharmaceuticals industry is expected to account for about 3.1-3.6% of the global pharma industry by value and currently accounts for 10% by volume, by 2016.
  • The healthcare sector in India is expected to grow to USD 250 Billion by 2020 from USD 65 Billion currently.
  • By 2020, it will grow to USD 11 billion - a CAGR of 18%, with the potential to reach USD 13 billion - at an aggresive CAGR of 20%
  • Pharma companies have increased spending to tap rural markets and develop better infrastructure. The market share of hospitals is expected to increase from 13.1% in 2009 to 26% in 2020.
  • Over USD 200 Billion is to be spent on medical infrastructure in the next decade.
  • India’s generic drugs account for 20% of global exports in terms of volume, making the country the largest provider of generic medicines globally.
  • The formulations industry – India is the largest exporter of formulations with 14% market share and ranks 12th in the world in terms of export value. Double-digit growth is expected over the next five years.
Get to the heart of why formulation and delivery strategies fail. Dissect the challenges before looking for concrete solutions.
Discover how advances in the sector are impacting both large and small molecule drugs.
Explore tried and tested routes to improve bioavailability.
Understand how to develop the right formulation and delivery strategy with a strong scientific, clinical and commercial mind set.
Discover the latest innovations in drug delivery devices.
Be inspired by innovative case studies and realise the potential impact on your formulation or delivery processes.
Engage in the exciting event format, with round tables, panels, showcases, speed networking and multiple conference tracks.
Share experiences, insights and strategies in interactive peer-to peer round tables.
Hear more perspectives in one place – from large medium and small organisations from pharma, biotech and academia.
Discover how scientific formulation advancements are being implemented in practice.
Get to the heart of why formulation and delivery strategies fail. Dissect the challenges before looking for concrete solutions.
World Ophthalmology Summit - 2018
World Ophthalmology Summit - 2018


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II World Cancer Congress - 2018


II World Cancer Congress - 2018

II World Cancer Congress - 2018

Raytheon Healthcare is an organization working towards providing better healthcare facilities to hospitals and healthcare organizations globally by developing applications, which could enable healthcare teams to provide quality services to patients. Echo Health focuses on identifying largely prevailing diseases and infections across the globe and works around creating solutions by collecting data and information. Our organization creates global discussion platforms like the "II World Cancer Congress - 2018" where the underlying issues can be discussed and addressed by experts. Our idea is to create knowledge platforms to encourage young and aspiring researchers, clinicians and medical professionals with latest advancements in the field of healthcare.
Our Agenda through II World Cancer Congress - 2018 is to create a better knowledge sharing platform for the all researcher, students, industry participants coming from all around the globe. We are sure that the II World Cancer Congress - 2018 will be educative and also will encourage delegates to share their research views with fellow participants.
Arjyopa is an international online Open Access scholarly publishing Group, initiated with a mission to disseminate and distribute the quality research and scientific data around the globe via open access. We support in publishing high quality, contemporary scientific research articles of various disciplines which will undergo a detailed peer-review process. We horde internationally-recognized, peer-reviewed journals to serve the scientific and research community with validated and quality information across the broad range of disciplines.
Our conferences brings together internationally renowned speakers and scientists to create exciting and memorable events, filled with lively interactive sessions and world-class exhibitions and poster presentations.
The World Leaders Forum in II World Cancer Congress - 2018, which will be a common platform for all the Healthcare Leaders coming from different parts of countries to showcase their achivement and will deliberatly discuss on the future scope and development of healthcare and pharma sector.
World Ophthalmology Summit - 2018

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